• “The iPAD Rwanda Forum has been successful, well prepared allowing Rwanda to connect to the world. Government bodies are ready to receive you back for investment.”
    Robert Nyamvuba, Energy Division Manager, Ministry of Infrastructure of the Republic of Rwanda
  • “Private developers are playing a big role in Rwanda’s target to achieve sustainable energy development. Thank you to the organizers for bringing the world to Rwanda, giving a chance to our domestic energy developers to connect to their partners, suppliers and possible donors.”
    Dr. Ivan Twagirashema, chairman, Energy Private Developers, Rwanda
  • “Ghana’s is in a position where it prioritizes energy development projects. African Utilities have common challenges, it’s always an opportunity for them to put efforts together to overcome the challenges in such platforms.  In utility management, it is not a matter of being effective but also being efficient. The government cannot do it alone, it needs private developers. Thank to you to the organizers, I request you to bring the world to Ghana too.”
    Alexander Kwame Osei, General Manager MIS, Electricity Company of Ghana
  • “IPAD Rwanda was a great platform for private and public stakeholders in Rwanda to mee. Relevant topics were addressed and gave us as an IPP the oppurtunity to dive deep into Rwanda’s energy sector. The event was professionally organised and we will definitely attend more of such events organised by Spintelligent.
    Wynand Goosen, Head Energy Storage, Solar Capital, South Africa
  • “Great networking opportunity with industry contacts and potential future business partners. A lot of new avenues have opened as a result of this event.  As always great working with the Spintelligent team”.
    Darin MacAllister, General Manager, Powertech Africa, South Africa
  • “The conference certainly opens Rwanda to the international energy players.  Since the iPAD Rwanda 2014 edition we have seen an increase of new energy players in the market.  The exchange of ideas, strategies and the direct networking with delegates enrich Rwanda Energy Group’s knowledge for sustainable operations. We welcome the third edition of IPAD Rwanda in 2016”.
    Wilson Karegyeya, Director Commercial Services, Energy Utility Corporation Ltd – REG, Rwanda 
  • “I was impressed by the quality of the presentations given by the delegates, the efficiency of the organizers and the amount of interviews I was granted with people that I otherwise would have found difficult to connect with. I will surely attend future similar events.”
    Jaap du Preez, Chief Executive Officer , NCE Consulting, Rwanda
  • “iPAD Rwanda 2015 was a success to both Rwanda Energy Group/ Ministry of Infrastructure and participants as well. It was well organized and we were satisfied with all events and organization in general.”
    Theoneste Higanir, Head of Power Generation/EDCL, Rwanda Energy Group, Rwanda
  • "The Mining Roundtable presented an opportunity to have one-to-one dialogue with the top government authorities including the Mining Minister himself which was very positive and encouraging."
    Indaka Jayasuriya, Executive Director - International , International Construction Consortium (Pvt) Ltd. , Sri Lanka
  • “The IPAD Rwanda Forum provided Symbion Power with ample opportunities to showcase our strong interest for investment opportunities in Rwanda. It has also allowed Symbion officials to discuss our work to develop a 50 Megawatt (MW) methane gas-to-power plant on Lake Kivu from both technical and financial perspectives.”
    Zelda Weitz, COO, Symbion Power, USA
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