Reasons to attend

Why attend IPAD Rwanda?

  • Share ideas and experiences, learning from over 400 peers from 30 countries and tackling challenges together, while also shortening your sales cycle.
  • Hear the issues from the key Rwandan stakeholders such as the REG and MININFRA and network with them in order to strategically position your solutions.
  • Learn the ins and outs of operating successful Rwandan energy projects by engaging with developers.

Top 6 reasons to invest in Rwanda

  1. Sustained high growth: 8% average year-on-year GDP growth.
  2. Investor friendly climate: Top global consistent reformer since 2008 (World Bank Doing Business Report).
  3. Robust governance: Vision: 2020.
  4. Access to markets: A market and customs union with market potential of 141 million people in EAC.
  5. Excellent labour market: Demonstrates an increasing capacity for knowledge-based industry.
  6. Untapped investment opportunities: Potential opportunities for investment to thrive in each economic sector.

Investment opportunities:

  • Methane gas to power (Total potential for 350MW in 50 years)
  • Geothermal (Total potential for 740MW)
  • Peat to Power (total potential 700MW)
  • Micro Hydropower (more than 333 sites identified)
  • Solar (with an average of 4.9 peak hours per day)
  • Many more potential projects and tenders to be explored at IPAD Rwanda

Incentives to private developers in the power sector:

  • Infrastructure support, road and transmission access
  • A variety of non-fiscal and fiscal incentives (tax exemption on importation of power equipment, investment allowance)
  • Provision of key account managers to fast-track the project in the implementation process

For further market information and participation, please contact Evan Schiff
Evan Schiff,, +27 21 700 3553

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