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  • Kagame, Kenyatta endorse new AfDB energy deal
    Kagame, Kenyatta endorse new AfDB energy deal 5/25/2016

    President Paul Kagame and his Kenyan counterpart Uhuru Kenyatta have endorsed the ‘New Deal on Energy’, a vehicle through which the African Development Bank (AfDB) will invest in delivering electricity for all Africans, by 2025.

  • Rwanda’s energy sector gets $202bn from EU
    Rwanda’s energy sector gets $202bn from EU 5/12/2016

    In East Africa, the European Union (EU) has engaged in a funding agreement with Rwanda that is worth €177 million ($202 billion), which will be directed towards the energy sector over the next five years.

  • Rwanda: Ruzizi III hydropower obtains more funds
    Rwanda: Ruzizi III hydropower obtains more funds 3/21/2016

    Rwanda has signed a $24.17 million financing agreement with the African Development Bank (AfDB) in support of the regional 147MW Ruzizi III hydropower plant (HPP).

  • PV project at Rwanda genocide site begins operation
    PV project at Rwanda genocide site begins operation 3/17/2016

    A memorial to the 1994 genocide in Rwanda is to be powered almost entirely from solar following the completion of a PV system on the site.

    The project was completed earlier this month at the Genocide Memorial in the Rwandan capital, Kigali.

  • Rwanda is committed to providing electricity access to 70% of the population by 2018

    Rwanda and the Climate Investment Funds are today, 12 November 2015,  celebrating the endorsement of that country’s renewable energy investment plans under the CIF’S dedicated fund for Scaling Up Renewable Energy in Low Income Countries Program. (SREP)

  • Remarkable changes: Rwanda 10/23/2015

    With witness to so much that is negative in the world, Rwanda today offers a brilliant and refreshing light of hope and vision for education, business development, infrastructure and human rights.

  • Foreign companies pledge investment in Energy Sector during RwandaDay2015 10/7/2015

    As the 2015 Rwanda day in The Netherlands came to a close in the Netherlands, foreign companies have shown interest in investing in Rwanda’s energy sector, a move likely to help the country achieve energy targets.

  • Rwanda waits for methane power unit 9/21/2015

    KIGALI, Rwanda - Rwandans will soon benefit from a project that generate electricity from heating methane gas on a floating platform.

    The project is being done in two phases and contracted to KivuWatt, a subsidiary of ContourGlobal.

  • Israeli Energy Pioneer “Knighted” by Bono for Solar Field in Rwanda 9/17/2015

    U2 front-man Bono “knighted” Israeli renewable energy pioneer Yosef Abramowitz while visiting a solar field developed by Abramowitz’s company Gigawatt Global in Rwanda, The Times of Israel reported today.

  • Rwanda: Low Water Levels Affect Power Generation - REG 9/17/2015

    The frequent power cuts affecting the Eastern Province are a result of shortages in water supply, officials from the Rwanda Electricity Group (REG).