Media coverage 2016

iPAD Rwanda in the news!

Media that attended an/or covered iPAD Rwanda included:
  • Electricity Tariffs to Be Reduced in January - 3 Nov click here
  • Govt Joins Global UN Energy Initiative - 2 Nov click here 
  • COMESA States Urged to Increase Power Generation for Industrial Use - 19 Oct click here
Amazing Grace Christian Radio
  • COMESA interconnector projects gather pace - 18 Oct click here
  • Tunisian platinum boost for Rwanda energy summit - 7 Oct click here

CNBC Africa
  • The role of private sector in sustainable energy development - 2 Nov click here
  • EA Debate: Unlocking region's energy potential - 17 Nov click here

  • Rwanda to host iPAD energy infrastructure forum - 31 Oct click here

  • Experts push for increased energy access in Africa - click here
Construction Magazine Rwanda
The East African - Rwanda Today
      East African Business Week                         

Flash FM

Imburi News

Imena News

Imvaho Nshya
Ingenzi News
  • “Ntabwo bizategereza umwaka wa 2030 ngo Abanyarwanda bose babe bafite amashanyarazi” - 1 Nov click here

  • Will Rwanda depend on private investors for Energy Needs? - 1 Nov click here
  • COMESA calls for power generation to develop industries 19 Oct click here

Kigali Fiesta

Kigali Konnect

  • Mininfra itangaza ko mu mwaka wa 2030 abanyarwanda bose bazaba bafite amashyanyarazi - 2 Nov click here
Kigali Today

The New Times
  • Energy forum an opportunity to engage investors, say experts - 1 Nov click here
  • How Rwanda, region can boost power generation and access - 8 Nov click here

  • COMESA states urged to increase power generation for industrial use - 19 Oct click here
  • Kigali to host global energy summit - 22 Sep click here

Parliament Radio

Radio 10

Radio SANA

Radio Salus
REG corporate magazine
Rwanda Broadcasting Agency

Rwanda Dispatch

The Rwanda Focus
  • Electricity Tariffs to Be Reduced in January - 3 Nov click here

Rwanda News Agency



Voice of Africa

Voice of America

  • iPAD Rwanda assists Kigali Government and national utility REG to "develop sector efficiently and effectively" - 16 Sep click here