Key facts

Top 10 Key Facts about Rwanda's Energy Potential

  • Rwanda wants to achieve 70% of the electricity access rate from the current 24%
  • Rwanda aims at having an installed capacity of 563 Megawatt in 2018, from the current installed capacity of 161 Megawatt.
  • Rwanda energy primary use is dominated by biomass which accounts for 86.3%.
  • According to a survey conducted by the Ministry of Infrastructure, the country needs to invest an estimate of US$3 billion to increase access to electricity from 23% to 70% percent by 2017-18
  • Fastest growing economy in East African Community (EAC); Rwanda’s growth is compared to EAC partners Uganda, Burundi, Kenya and Tanzania
  • Best performing country in the region (East and Central Africa) and 3rd Easiest place to do business in Africa  - according to World Bank Doing Business 2015 report
  • Rwanda is within the East Africa Rift Valley’s Ring of Fire, indicating strong geothermal potential
  • Lake Kivu has the potential to provide 700MW per annum over 55 years (50% for Rwanda)
  • The Peat Master Plan indicates 155 million tons of dry peat reserve
  • Untapped resources for power generation amount to about 1,200 MW

Gigawatt Global 8.5-MW Solar Field

The $23.7 million field, located about 60 km. from Kigali in Rwanda's Rwamagana district, supplies about 6 percent of the country's power and is expected to harness the sun's light for 25 years. Gigawatt Global, an American-owned Dutch company co-founded by Jerusalemite Yosef Abramowitz, launched the 8.5-MW field last February, at the Israeli-inspired Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village in Rwanda.

(Image source: Overseas Private Investment Corporation [OPIC] Official website)

On the anniversary of the completion of the first solar farm built under the White House’s Power Africa program, the 8.5 MW plant on the grounds of the Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village in Rwanda had a few distinguished visitors, among them U2’s Bono and US Senator Chris Coons.

(Image source: Energiya Global Official Website)

Lake Kivu - Methane Gas

Symbion Power Lake Kivu Ltd, an American company, last week signed a contract to generate 55MW. Symbion is the second independent power producer to invest in the methane-to-power plant after KivuWatt signed a concession.

Lake Kivu contains an estimated 55 billion cubic metres of naturally occurring methane gas. The total power generation potential of this resource has been conservatively estimated at more than 500 MW over 40 years.

(Image source: Republic of Rwanda Ministry of Infrastructure [MININFRA] Official Website)

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